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Judge Michelle Slaughter was elected in 2018 to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. With more that 4.7 million votes, she received more votes than any Republican on the ballot IN THE NATION for the November 2018 general election!


Texas has two state supreme courts – the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals is the court of last resort for criminal cases while the Texas Supreme Court is the court of last resort for civil cases. 


Judge Michelle Slaughter

Keep reading to find out why voters overwhelmingly chose Judge Slaughter for this court and why you should keep her there!

Conservative. Effective. Experienced.

Judge Slaughter is a Constitutional Conservative and Originalist.

Judge Michelle Slaughter is a constitutional conservative judge and an originalist – much like Justice Clarence Thomas. Judge Slaughter believes in applying a strict interpretation of the law as it was intended on the date it was enacted.

No need to take her word for it, you can see it yourself in her published opinions. One such example is her dissenting opinion on rehearing in State v. Stephens, 664 S.W.3d 293 (Tex. Crim. App. 2022), where Judge Slaughter illustrated her originalist position on the meaning of Texas Constitutional provisions by relying on Texas history starting with going back to when Texas as a was still part of Mexico. 

Judge Slaughter with her family

Judge Slaughter Gets Things Done.

Since joining the Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) in 2019, Judge Slaughter has authored more than 80 published opinions and has participated in deciding more than 20,000 criminal law matters.

Each year that Judge Slaughter has been on the Court, the disposition rate for almost every category of cases has exceeded 100%, which means she is helping clear the Court’s backlog.


While on the Court, Judge Slaughter has pushed for more efficiency to save taxpayer dollars and more transparency.


In addition to her work for the Court, Judge Slaughter speaks across the State about the Court and criminal law topics and serves as an adjunct professor for Baylor Law School’s criminal trial and voir dire boot camps.

Judge Slaughter in Court

Even before joining the CCA, Judge Slaughter had a track record of efficiency and effectiveness. When Slaughter started as a trial judge in the 405th District Court of Galveston County, Texas, she inherited from the previous judge a district court that was the least effective, least efficient and had the highest backlog of any district court in the county.  Within her first term on that bench, Judge Slaughter transformed that court into the most efficient, most effective district court with the lowest backlog. She also implemented various cost-saving measures that saved thousands of taxpayer dollars each year and fought for and implemented transparency for the court.

Texas Flag

Keep Judge Slaughter on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8!

With her conservative values, proven track record, experience with thousands of criminal cases, and quality credentials, you need to keep Judge Slaughter on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals!  

“I am excited to be your choice for the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 8. I promise to stick to my constitutional conservative values and be a judge that you can always be proud to support!”

– Judge Michelle Slaughter


The Republican Primary is March 5, 2024 with early voting February 20 – March 1, 2024.

Judge Slaughter has more than decade of experience as a judge. She has served as both a trial judge and an appellate judge. In her career, she has participated in resolving more than 25,000 criminal law matters and has presided over more than a hundred civil and felony criminal jury trials.


Before becoming a judge, Judge Slaughter was an accomplished attorney. She worked for two large international law firms and had her own flourishing law firm. Her work as an attorney earned her the status of “Rising Star” by the Super Lawyers edition of Texas Monthly magazine. But Judge Slaughter’s passion and dedication to our justice system led her to give up the law practice she loved and take a more than 50% pay cut because she knew Texans needed more smart, conservative, hard-working and tough-but-fair judges like her.

Judge Slaughter has the right experience and quality credentials.
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